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Partee People


We know it sounds clichéd but we DO want to bring people together with our partee ideas.

Each one we design is unique and a reflection of your personality. We firmly believe that you are special and one-of-a kind, so your partee – where you spend time with your nearest and dearest – should also be special and unique. To do this, we’ve set ourselves a few simple rules:

  • Every partee will be original and unique, we won’t repeat designs unless you want us to.
  • It’s our job to be inspired, we’ll suggest fun partee themes and design ideas to you.
  • Partee design ideas will be classy, tasteful and reflect your choices or personality.
  • It shouldn’t take fancy cash to throw a fancy party, so we won’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

Company Overview

Oh, hi! We are ParteeBoo.

Heard of us? Think of ParteeBoo as a finely tuned partee machine. Your wishes and desires go in, and gorgeously designed partees come out. We’re talking about unique, customised theme partees; weddings, birthdays OR baby showers; partees for your kids OR for the kid in you. If you can dream it up, we can partee-it-up. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to receive your idea for a new kind of partee we haven’t thought up yet. Have you ever wished for partee pixies? To take over the partee planning, so you can just concentrate on warming up your smile for guests at the front door? Well, we are those partee pixies, and our names are Daphne & Joan. It’s nice to meet you. We began ParteeBoo on the 1st of February 2012. It was our dream to design gorgeous partees for people who could afford them, and appreciate them. Not just the big events either, like weddings or annual dinners; but also for the small, simple and still important stuff… like when a child turns 2 or when a young man celebrates his last night as a bachelor with his best buds.
Could we do it? Sure! We each had more than 10 years’ experience in advertising, marketing/branding and event planning; and we were passionate about crafting fab parties for any occasion. Now, after a few years, designer partees have become all the rage in Penang with ParteeBoo receiving regular requests from all over the island, the Northern Region, Kuala Lumpur and even Singapore. We have also supplied many of our partee decorations to clients in the United States of America, Australia, Aruba and the Middle East! But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what others have to say. Read our testimonials and do have a browse through our photo albums.